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  • Wolferine and Grumpy Hit the Road

    Firearms, Shooting and the World as seen through the eyes of Grumpy Wolverine.... Read Full Post >

  • New home for the Lancasters

    Still waiting for my Father’s oak roll top desk to arrive and the I can finish furnishing my Den. In the mean time I have moved my collection of Lancaster pistols into their new home along with a few old Webley’s etc. The Lancaster’s are a passion of mine, the collection is up to 22 now, less than a thousand were built but even so there must be a few more I haven’t found yet, still have plenty of space...... Read Full Post >

  • Adventuresome

    If I had to describe myself in one word, I would say "adventuresome". (I know there are people out there who would use other words to describe me - why, just the other day, I am sure I heard Grumpy Wolverine utter a death threat when he caught me making eye contact with the sandwich he had left on his desk - as if I would EVER...I was insulted.)... Read Full Post >

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