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  • GLOCK PDW | Fun at the Range

    Take a closer look at the FAB Defense KPOS and Hera Arms Triarii PDW units for Glock pistols.... Read Full Post >

  • UTS 15 vs. Weatherby SA-08

    We thought we would take a different approach to showcasing the UTAS, and include timed footage of loading the shotgun and knocking down targets and compare it to that of a Weatherby SA-08. The guys had some fun and put the GoPro® to work, catching some neat footage from a different angle!

    ... Read Full Post >

  • UTS 15 - Knockin' Down Poppers

    Thought it had been far too long since we had one of these out on the range and what better way to take advantage of some nice warm mid-October weather!
    ... Read Full Post >

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