Wolverine Supplies is proud to have a long history of supporting our community and our industry by sponsoring local and national events, youth groups, gun clubs and non-profit organizations. 

Among our most well known sponsorships are Wounded Warrior Project, Canadian Mental Health Association, Westman Special Olympics, STARS® Air Ambulance, Virden Rodeo & Wild West Daze and Wallace District Fire Department.

STARS® Air Ambulance


Every year as part of our Annual Wolverine Days Open House and Customer Appreciation Days Event, we run a promotion where the purchase of a unique Morale Patch enters customers into a draw for some AWESOME PRIZES and ALL PROCEEDS go to a chosen charitable organization.

This year our goal was to raise $20,000.00 - and with the help of an amazing community here in Canada - we reached our goal! We chose to make our donation for the 2018 Patch Promo out to: 


STARS® Helicopter Air Ambulance offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

With STARS, those living in rural communities, working in remote areas, travelling on highways or being transported from community hospitals to major medical centres, receive the very best in critical care in helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs.

To learn more about STARS® click here!


Courageous Companions

For our annual 2017 Wolverine Days patch promo we chose to support both the Courageous Companions and Ronald McDonald House Canada, raising $10,000.00 for each organization, for a total of $20,000.00.

Courageous Companions is a registered charity which provides quality trained certified Service Dogs to Military Veterans and First Responders who suffer with physical and/or psychological operational injuries as a result of their service.

To learn more about the Courageous Companions organization click here


CMHA Cheque Presentation 2016

For Wolverine’s 2016 Wolverine Days we chose to support the Canadian Mental Health Association as, among other things, they do great work with PTSD victims.
With the support from Robinson Armament Co. and Vortex Optics we were able to raise awareness by selling Moral patches and giving all purchases the chance to win a rifle.

An excerpt from the CMHA'S 2016 Annual Report:

Wolverine Supplies out of Virden also held a fund raiser for CMHA raising $10,000. Again this was an unsolicited fundraiser for CMHA. Thank You Pat, Gail, Andrea and Guy at Wolverine Supplies. Your support helps CMHA help those in need. Thank You :)

To learn more about the Canadian Mental Health Association click here.


Wounded Warriors Canada Cheque Presentation

Wolverine Supplies has been raising money and awareness for two years. We believe that all of our veterans, especially wounded ones deserve all the support we can offer. We believe that the Government assistance they receive is, at best, modest, while Wounded Warriors demonstrates great initiatives in offering a wide range of diverse programs. In the past we have sold Moral Patches at our Wolverine Days and Daniel Defense Inc. have donated a rifle to assist with the fund raising.

To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project click here.


For our annual 2017 Wolverine Days patch promo we chose to support both the Courageous Companions and Ronald McDonald House Canada, raising $10,000.00 for each organization, for a total of $20,000.00.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide families of sick children with a home to stay at while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital. As well, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide a comfortable place for families to rest and recharge, right inside hospitals. 

To learn more about Ronald McDonald House Canada charities click here



For our 2016 GLOCK Days Wolverine Supplies chose to support the Westman Special Olympics organization. They do great work with people who suffer from intellectual disability, giving them sporting opportunities’ they otherwise would not have.

To learn more about the Special Olympics click here


Virden Rodeo Logo

Wolverine Supplies partnered with the Virden rodeo in 2010. We have been a major sponsor for the past six years and are proud to be involved in this event. The Virden Indoor Rodeo is a very important event to a small Western Community like Virden as it attracts a lot of visitors to our town and this in turn boosts the economy.



Here in Virden we have an extremely professional volunteer Fire Department. The Department hosts an annual banquet, which is a major fundraiser for them. These fundraising efforts are being used to improve the permanent training facility that they are currently building. Wolverine Supplies is very proud to be among one of the major sponsors of this event as the Fire Department is a valuable asset to the Virden community.