Warranty & Returns

Return Policy / Privilege:

Your satisfaction is important to us.

If you need to return a product we will make every reasonable effort to satisfy you. 

All goods (unless otherwise specified) are sold with a seven-day (from receipt of order) "no questions asked" return policy.  The customer is responsible for return shipping unless the exchange/return is due to error on our part. 

Manufacturer's Warranty:

To provide the best possible service to our customers, we prefer to handle all claims ourselves. Our customers are not referred directly to the manufacturer unless there is no alternative resolution. We will make every effort to expedite the warranty process for our customers. In some extreme cases, we have replaced products for customers and then claimed back to the manufacturer, all so we can minimize the wait and down time for the end user. Under no circumstances attempt to return a firearm direct to an overseas/international manufacturer with out first consulting with us. A copy of your sales receipt or your order number is required for all claims.

Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Warranty and Customer Concerns:

The first shipment of FX-9 rifles are in the Canadian market and below is the Warranty Request procedure.

1. Customer MUST fill out the CANADA warranty request form on the Freedom Ordnance website. 


2. Customer will be contacted by Freedom Ordnance within two business days to address the issue.

3. If Freedom not able to correct via email then Freedom will issue a return label to have rifle returned to Wolverine for repair.

4. Wolverine will repair, test and return to customer.

All firearm issues require the above documents to be completed so ALL issues can be tracked, including any feeding and operation issues.  If you do not report them, we cannot address them.

Ammunition Options and Lubrication:

We have found that many FX-9’s are being under lubricated.  These are new firearms and require generous lubrication prior to being used on the range.  Use a good quality gun oil such as Bore Tech, G-96.

We recommend round nose FMJ 115 gr to get started.  We would recommend starting with Aguila 115 gr, Magtech 115 gr, Tulammo 115 gr, PMC 115gr round nose projectiles.

We don't recommend aluminum case ammunition , truncated and certain hollow point designs don't feed very well.

Thin plated bullets and or cast projectiles with only a thin coating of wax or copper will be less reliable then a true jacketed projectile.