Tavor TAR-21 .223 Rem 18.6" Flat Dark Earth

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Tavor TAR-21 .223 Rem 18.6" Flat Dark Earth

Due to the dynamic changes in the battlefield, the threats of global terrorism and the demanding combat situations, there was a need for a versatile, innovative and technologically advanced weapon. The TAVOR Assault Rifle family was created to answer these adversities, thus distinguishing itself as the ultimate weapon of the 21st century. The TAVOR Assault Rifle family was developed in close cooperation with Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The TAVOR is in service in the IDF infantry troops and special forces as well as in other countries throughout the world. The TAVOR family has excellent performances on the battlefield with high precision, reliability and human ergonomics being its leading characteristics.


  • TAR


  • 5.56 NATO


  • Semi-Auto


  •  Fixed


  • Flat Dark Earth

Rail Length/MOA

  • 14" Standard Rail


  • 3.3Kg

Maximum Length

  • 30"

Barrel Length

  • 18"

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