ARMS #15 Trijicon Reflex Sight Mount

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ARMS #15 Trijicon Reflex Sight Mount

Raises the #15 Trijicon® Reflex Mount approx. 1/8". One or more can be stacked for desired height. (Be sure to ask for additional screws.)

A.R.M.S.has succeeded in developing an ultra low profile mounting platform for the Trijicon Reflex sight. The combination of the A.R.M.S. repeat zero and patented Throw Lever system and the Reflex sight provide the shooter with built in streamline appearance, function and superb fast action accuracy.

The #15 platform is attached to the bottom of the sight by 3 screws that are supplied with the platform, and provides 2 positive locking Throw Levers with A.R.M.S. patented no-mar buffer pads, no gunsmithing required. The #15 Reflex mount platform meets or exceeds all mil-spec requirements just like all other A.R.M.S. standard mil-spec products.

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