Tactical Ruger 10/22

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Tactical Ruger 10/22

Recently, a whole new arsenal of tactical rifles chambered for the most popular small caliber of all time—the .22 long-rifle rimfire—have exploded onto the firearms scene. Almost overnight, every major name in the industry jumped on the bandwagon, producing their own versions of tactical .22s based on their popular full-bore battle rifle designs. You could pay top dollar to get one of these factorymade tactical 10/22s, but it won't be customized to fit your needs and tastes. What you need is a one-of-a-kind custom-made tactical 10/22 that you can assemble yourself.

Tactical Ruger 10/22 is the ultimate reference for showing you how to do just that. Written by J.M.Ramos, a noted gun designer and authority on rimfire weapons systems for more than 30 years, this book features simple, step-by-step instructions and hundreds of photographs for assembling a worldclass tactical 10/22 from start to finish. The stunning rifles presented in the book use state-of-the-art 10/22 platforms made by RB Precision (Evolution stock), Nordic Components (AR-22), and Canadian made Fabsports (FS-556). These high-quality, CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis are designed to accept virtually every AR rifle stock, grip, forearm, tactical rail, backup sight, optics, bipod, and muzzle device out there.

Whether you own a stock 10/22 or the new Ruger SR-22 that you want to transform into a more versatile multigun weapon system, Tactical Ruger 10/22 shows how to turn out the perfect marksman, sniper simulator, or competition rifle for you.

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