Armalite M-15 Field Repair Kit      

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Armalite M-15 Field Repair Kit      


Manufacturer: Armalite

Model: EMK012   

Condition: New

  Kit Includes: M-15 gas rings (EB0120), M-15 ejector (EB0100), M-15 ejector pin (EB0090), ejector / safety spring (EB0110), M-15 extractor pin (EB0050), helical spring (elevation) (E20100), M-15 extractor spring plunger (EB0080), M-15 extractor spring (EB0070), M-15 extractor (EB0060), M-15 cam pin (EB0030), M-15 firing pin (EB0020), M-15 Firing pin retaining pin (EB0010), M-15 / AR-10B buna 70 o-ring (EB0065), hammer pin retaining clip (10308020), precision box with brass hinge (EX0610).spring (2), gas rings, hammer spring, disconnector spring (2), trigger spring.

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