Armalite AR-30A1 Adaptor/ Target Buttstock      

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Armalite AR-30A1 Adaptor/ Target Buttstock      


Manufacturer: Armalite

Model: 30705330

Length: 15"

Weight: 12.9oz

Condition: New

  The metal cheek piece of the target buttstock is very durable and the elastomeric cheek piece pad provides a comfortable shooter interface in all weather conditions. The cheek piece supports contain integral cleaning rod guides that prevent damage to the bore due to inadequate cleaning rod control. To provide very compact transportation, the entire buttstock assembly can be quickly and easily removed with only one Allen wrench. The cheek piece is vertically adjustable for 1 inch of adjustment without the use of tools so that each shooter, regardless of their facial features, can obtain an optimum cheek weld while still achieving a clear sight picture. The buttstock can be adjusted without tools for lengths of pull from 13.6” to 15.6.” This makes the AR-30 ergonomically correct for shooters from the 5% female to 95% male. Shooters can also quickly adjust length of pull to accommodate changes in clothing or shooting position. In addition, with a single Allen wrench, the butt pad is adjustable for height. A MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail at the bottom of the butt stock allows for installation of additional accessories such as sling swivels or mono-pods.

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