Armalite M-15 Lower Parts Kit, NM Trigger, Black

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Armalite M-15 Lower Parts Kit, NM Trigger, Black


A complete lower parts kit for your M-15™ series rifle. Does not include Trigger or Grip.


Manufacturer: Armalite

Model: 15LRPKN

Includes: Ejector/Safety Spring (EB0110), Pistol Grip Screw (EL0010), Pistol Grip Washer (EL0020), Safety Detent Spring (x2) (EL0140), Detent (x2) (EL0060), M-15™ Takedown Pin (EL0160), M-15™ Pivot Pin (EL0170), Buffer Detent (EL0190), Buffer Detent Spring (EL0200), Bolt Stop In (EL0220), M-15™ Bolt Stop Catch (EL0230), Bolt Stop Plunger (EL0240), Bolt Stop Spring (EL0250), Magazine Catch Button (EL00270), Magazine Catch Spring (EL0280), Trigger Guard Assembly (EL0380), Trigger Guard Pin (EL0380)

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