Armalite Universal Upper Receiver Vice Jaw Set AR-10/AR-15

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Armalite Universal Upper Receiver Vice Jaw Set AR-10/AR-15

Armalite’s flat-top vise jaws are a new, unique set of jaws that we developed specifically to hold all flat-top AR-10 and M-15 upper receivers. These jaws hold the upper receiver in a sideways horizontal position, making barrel replacement easier and more secure than ever before. These jaws clamp onto the top and bottom of the upper receiver, so there is less chance of deforming the upper receiver when using them. However, it is still important not to clamp the vise too tightly.

NOTE: To allow you to bolt the Jaws to a vise of your choice, the jaws come to you undrilled. They may be used undrilled, or you may drill and bolt them to your vise for a secure, permanent application.

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