Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf® Tank Muzzle Brake

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Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf® Tank Muzzle Brake


Tank muzzle brake for installation on the .50 Beowulf® weapon system. This muzzle brake kit is threaded 49/64-20 RH standard .50 Beowulf® muzzle threading. See the additional description for characteristics. Finish is black in color.


Manufacturer: Alexander Arms

Model: .50 Beowulf® Tank Muzzle Brake

Length: 3.5 Inches (Adds 2.6 inches to the length of the barrel)

Width: 1.5 Inches (Widest - Left to Right), 1.25 Inches (Smallest - Top to Bottom)

Outer Diameter: 1.0 Inches (Muzzle End)

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Additional Information: Taking its design from artillery brakes, this unit uses two large impingement baffles in an open form construction to achieve probably the best recoil reduction of the .50 Beowulf® brakes at subjectively 40% to 50%. Blast is directed sideways from the two opposite facing ports on each side. The unit is symmetrical in operation and does not provide reduction of muzzle jump. Back-blast to the shooter is negligible, but there is a noticeable blast to either side of the weapon.

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