Alpharms 01SA 12 Gauge 26" Barrel Wooden Stock/Forearm

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Alpharms 01SA 12 Gauge 26" Barrel Wooden Stock/Forearm


The Alpharms, Model 01SA is a gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun. The firearm fires 12 GA X 2 3/4" & 3” shot shells. The gas system is located underneath the barrel.


Manufacturer: Alpharms

Model: 01SA

Calibre: 12 GA

Barrel: 26"

Finish: Black

Stock: Wood

Sights: Fiber optic front bead

Chokes: IC/M/F

Capacity: 4 +1 Rounds

Classification: Non-Restricted

Action: Semi-Auto

Condition: New

Accessories Included: Chokes and choke wrench.

Alpharms provide a 12 month warranty, we will extend that to 24 months from the date of purchase to the original owner. We will carry out any warranty work in house and spare parts are already ordered. While this shotgun is chambered for 2 ¾  & 3 inch shells and advertised to handle both we have come to the conclusion that in realty using 3 inch shells is hard on the gun. Alpharms will be providing us with a heavier recoil  spring for use with 3 inch shells. This heavier spring will be available at no charge in the future. Please watch our web site for updates on availability of the heavy recoil spring. We recommend that only 2 ¾ inch shells are used with the standard spring as fitted to all new guns.

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