Aimpoint Flip-up Lens Cover Front Black All CET & ACET series

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Aimpoint Flip-up Lens Cover Front Black All CET & ACET series


Designed specifically for Aimpoint Red Dot sights, this cover opens at the touch of your thumb. The watertight friction mount and O-ring anchors the cover securely and seals out dust and moisture.


Manufacturer: Aimpoint

Model: 12223

Condition: New

  Made of a tough, flexible polymer, you can install them on any standard 1x Aimpoint sight. Can be used with KillFlash anti-reflection device (ARD). Use them on the CompC series or the 9000 series sights by removing the original rubber ring at the back. These are the same covers currently included with most of the CompM/ML series sights, and will also fit the new CompM4. Install them by pushing straight onto the sight. Do not twist. Once installed, they stay where you put them and you'll never lose them or have to fiddle around to get them on or off. Just push them open and snap them closed. Close only the front cover and you have an "occluded eye gunsight". The rear cover also fits 2x Aimpoint sights. You may find them a bit difficult to install, but some persistence will be rewarded. These covers are designed to fit tight, and to stay where you put them.

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