Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 4-MOA Dot Matte

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Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 4-MOA Dot Matte


Used by the United States Military, these heavy-duty variants of the Aimpoint CompC3 are built for extreme conditions. They have a special hard-anodized surface, rubber armoring and are waterproof to a depth of 75 ft. The Aimpoint sights run on a 3 volt lithium battery (included) for up to 40,000 hours of useable runtime. Ring sold separately. 


Manufacturer: Aimpoint

Model: COMPML3

System: Passive red dot collimator reflex sight

Magnification: 1x

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Optical Coating: Anti-reflex

Battery Type:  (1) 3V lithium, 2L76 or DL1/3N

Battery Life: 50,000 hours

Activation: 10 position rheostat with one "extra bright" setting

Tube Material: Extruded aluminum

Finish: Hard anodized, rubber coated matte black

Adjustment: 1 click = 1/2" @ 100 yards

Dimensions: 5.1" L x 2.2" W x 2.2" H

Ring Size:  30mm

Weight: 7.8 oz

Temperature Range:  -50 to 160° F

Water Resistance:  To a depth of 135 feet

Condition: New

  Like the CompM3, the Aimpoint® CompML3 features our breakthrough Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET) that gives the sight unparalleled battery life and ease of use. 

It is the perfect choice for professionals, hunters, and sport shooters who don’t need night vision device compatibility but want an extremely tough and reliable sight.

Built primarily for use in daylight and in low light conditions for law enforcement and military applications, the CompML3 will hold up under the roughest physical handling and the most severe weather conditions. 

The CompML3 comes with a replaceable outer black rubber cover, which protects it from scratching and adds an additional stealth factor. The outer cover is also available in Dark Earth Brown – perfect camo for use in the desert and the jungle.

Note: For night vision compatibility we recommend the CompM3. 

Please note that the appearance of some components of this product such as the rubber strap, the covers for the adjustment screws and the battery lid have recently been changed. 

Product photos may not always be exactly as shown. Manufacturer's specifications are subject to change, and sometimes without prior notice.

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