AI AX AICS Stage 1.5 Short Action FDE AI Sling Mounts

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AI AX AICS Stage 1.5 Short Action FDE AI Sling Mounts

Following the launch of Accuracy International's AX series of rifles, the AX Chassis System offers the same advances in ergonomics and technology used on AX series rifles, to Remington 700 users.

Building on the highly successful Accuracy international Chassis System, the AX series continues to offer a combat proven full length aluminum self-aligning, self bedding vee block system.  This metal and polymer structure provides the raw strength and durability necessary to provide a rugged plateform for barreled actions and is a combat proven structure in all our rifles.

The AX series goes on to offer a series of improvements over the previous version, making it the most versatile and rugged stock system upgrade possible, for long and short Remington 700 actions.

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