5.11 Breacher Strong DVD

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5.11 Breacher Strong DVD


Learn straight from StrongFirst™ fitness masters Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Tooney in this fast paced physical fitness training video. Created for breachers and other individuals who want explosive core strength. Includes a printed workout program.

As a law enforcement professional, your body can become one of your greatest tools with the right training. Order this DVD today and transform yourself into the powerful breacher you need to be to complete your missions with great success.


  High-quality video DVD

  Printed workout program

  Low impact exercises that yield big results

  Emphasis on explosive core strength

  Perfect for both new and experienced breachers

  Instruction from Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Tooney


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  When you need to make a tactical entry, your body needs strength and endurance. With the 5.11 Breacher Strong DVD, you can build the powerful core that is required to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The minds behind StrongFirst, Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Tooney, have created this one-of-a-kind fitness regimen that is designed to help those who want power, precision and strength to bust through any door that gets in their way.

Whether you are a new member of a breaching team or are an experienced law enforcement professional who wants to improve on your skills, the 5.11 Breacher Strong DVD can give you the routine that you need to get the results that you want. Improve your power, balance and endurance at the same time with this workout program instructed by some of today's top fitness professionals.

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