LE Appreciation Days 2019 - June 19 & 20

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Come join us at Wolverine Supplies for the third annual LE Appreciation Days!

Wolverine Supplies has been proudly supporting the Canadian Law Enforcement community for over 28 years.  Over that time we have had the privilege of working with all levels and departments of this community. 
In an effort to show our appreciation for your support over the years, we held the 1st annual Wolverine Supplies LE Appreciation Days in June of 2017. The event was a great success - and we are more than excited to be in the planning stages for the 3rd annual event in 2019!

We have listened to everyone’s suggestions and feedback and we are changing things up a little for this year.

We will be offering 2 courses that will run each day, so those who wish to partake in both courses will be able to.  We will still be doing the meet and greet pig roast on the evening in between with some static vendor displays etc.  We will, as always, have some of our industry partner representatives in attendance, so you will get a chance to do some chatting and asking questions throughout both days.

Course #1

Is a Vehicle CQB based program.  It is a course that will be taught by Jared Ogden, retired Navy Seal, television personality (Ultimate Survival Alaska) and CEO/Owner of Triumph Target Systems.  This is a course the Jared teaches in the US regularly and has generously offered to teach it here in the Great White North.  Jared is a fantastic fellow with an incredibly versatile target training system, that will be incorporated into the course he teaches.  

Jared’s course is comprised of the following: 
1)  Traffic Stops  
2) Fighting from Inside the Vehicle 
3) Vehicle Bailouts 
4) A Competition Event to end the course off.

You will use your duty sidearm and carbine for this course, with some of our Daniel Defense carbines available as well.

Jared’s platform is to not necessarily change tactics of SOP’s but to give new exposure and ideas that officers and use and adapt.

Course #2 

Is a Tactical Shotgun Operator’s Course.  This course will be taught by Skip.  Skip is a current serving member of the Canadian forces and has a long background with CANSOFCOM.  Skip also puts his skills to use by training RCMP officers in the use of carbine and handgun. 

This course will incorporate both shotgun and pistol.  This course is aimed to help the officer make better use of the shotgun, understand it’s capabilities and strengths.  We will also touch on the shotgun in a less lethal roll as well.  

The course will include the following:  
1)  Safety Precautions 
2) Assembly/disassembly, cleaning and maintenance 
3)  Ammunition characteristics, types, and ballistics 
4)  Barrier Penetration 
5) Stoppages and Transitions 
6) Use of Cover 
7) Operation in Confined Spaces 
8)  Introduction to Breaching 
9)  Shotgun in a Less Lethal Roll.   

If time permits, we will get the 40MM less lethal out on the range as well for you all to try.

Cost of the courses is $495.00 per course, but if you register for both courses before 1 May 2019, we are offering them at $450.00 per.  Courses will have tax added at time of invoicing.

As always there is room for campers etc on site for those wishing to camp out here, you are more than welcome to bring your rv’s or campers. 

If you know anyone else in your department or organization that would like to attend this, please send this along to them.

As always this will be a fun, informative and practical event.  If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.


204-748-2454 x.236