September Musing - Liberal handgun ban, could it happen?

Sep 03, 2018

Yes I honestly believe it could. Everyone said the long gun registry would never happen but it did. Look at Australia and the UK, they were complacent there as well.

Now you all expect me to tell you to start writing to your politicians, then I get people asking me for “Form Letters” and let’s start a petition, the end result is very little happens. Why? Well this is Canada, we always react after the fact, “To Little and To Late” should be our motto. Most of us end up preaching to the choir which achieves nothing other than maybe further splintering a very diverse group of gun owners that can never agree on anything.

I believe one of the major issues that gun owners face is that the only time our neighbours and non gun owners hear about us in the press is when a criminal commits a criminal act with a gun. As gun owners we keep a low profile, keep quiet and maybe they will go away and pick on someone else.

Well as Canadian gun owners we are all destined to go the way of the dinosaurs unless we can educate the vast majority that do not own firearms, have no knowledge of firearms or firearm regulations and quite honestly don’t really care as a handgun ban has no personal affect on them. If they read in a newspaper that a handgun ban will make our streets safer of course they will support it. This is our target (no pun intended) audience time to educate them.

It is time gun owners, related businesses, and most of all gun clubs crawled out of the wood work and showed themselves. We are the law abiding responsible citizens, not the thugs and gang members that commit crimes.

Gun Clubs need to start listing their open hours, membership recruitment (If applicable) next competition dates, host family days, invite a friend day, have kids day. Before and after every event get a report in the local newspaper, make full use of social media. If your club is unwilling to get some publicity get on to your directors, maybe time to call a general meeting. After all if handguns are banned we do not need gun clubs, they will cease to exist.

Gun clubs and firearm businesses should host Cooperate Team Building days, these are great fun and really open a lot of eyes.

Time to start educating non gun owners that legal hand gun owners are not the problem in Canada and taking our guns will solve nothing.

If banning our legal handguns will make Canada safer, I assume the RCMP and all Police Forces will stop carrying handguns, why would they need them ?

Time to start educating the non gun owners that the Liberals believe in prohibiting private legally owned registered possessions.

PAL instructors should advertise their courses, "How to own a legal handgun" anything to make us known to the general public.

Mr. Wolverine
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