February Musing... "Semi-Retired"

Feb 01, 2018
Good day all.
This is all because of Guy, he stuck his head in my office and announced “Now you are retired and have all this spare time we want you to write for the monthly newsletter, “Mr. Wolverine’s Musings”  Well not exactly true, but what better place to start than my retirement.
For the record, I am only “semi-retired” and this applies to my lovely wife Pat as well. I still have no spare time as for years I have been lining up all sorts of projects for my retirement , the problem is I haven’t got around to any yet. You are probably wondering how my retirement is going to affect Wolverine, so let me explain.

My son Matt and his wife Genn are taking over Wolverine Supplies. When Matt was growing up we were farming, so like me he shot  Gophers, I taught him how to operate a Galil for them!  as a little lad he had a Remington Mod 7 for deer, now Matt is bigger than me but he still loves that little rifle. Matt joined Cadets and did well in Biathlon. Matt assisted me with Wolverine right from those early days, packing up for gun shows and helping with all the other behind the scene chores. Matt has now recently retired from a “diversified” career in the RCMP and is doing an excellent job of running Wolverine Supplies. Matt brings new energy and experience into a rapidly changing business world at a time when I was starting to tire with computers, politics and Government BS.
As “semi-retired” I no longer have to organise the daily activities within Wolverine but I sit in on most meetings and work beside Matt so I very much have my finger on the business pulse. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service & Support and these are standards that Matt and Genn strongly believe in so Wolverine will have good continuity in those areas. We are planning on increasing our workshop area and constructing a 100 meter underground test range so we can test fire as required all year round. I will be overseeing this work as I own and operate some heavy equipment for my gravel pit, but more of that enterprise at another time.
As I write this Shot Show is coming up, now as “semi retired” I don’t have to go, yes that’s right I don’t have to go and I will not miss it one little bit. I hate Vegas, all false, fake and tinsel and the Shot Show is a Zoo, very difficult to conduct serious meetings. It is a great place to meet people but there are other events that are more constructive to our business and anyway that is for the “New Boss”
Wolverine has several new projects underway which I am also closely involved with, we have several guns away for examination and classification by the RCMP SFSS and I keep a close eye on them. We are also branching out into having “products” manufactured expressly for us, this is completely new and exciting for Wolverine and I am really enjoying having the time to devote to this. Something I have wanted to do for many years, stay tuned for some radical developments in this area.
Our personal goal this year is for Pat and I to have trip to the Klondike, we are both looking forward to that although we haven’t time to give it very much thought. I always thought it would be great to drive the Alaskan Highway but that will not be this year.
Now the “New Boss” wants me to go to the IWA Show in Nuremberg with him, that will be good, I always enjoy that Show, very civilised, now if only there were more hours in the day, then I could get caught up.
As I read this I now realise that “Musing” should be about reflection and contemplation, but I am rambling about new projects and plans, I guess I really haven’t retired, at least not yet.
Keep your powder dry.
Mr Wolverine

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