ATN Smart HD Optics - All NEW X-Sight HD!

Feb 27, 2015
Grumpy Wolverine shows you some of the very cool features and functions of the brand new ATN X-Sight HD Day/Night Rifle Scope!



Since we began shipping X-Sight HD units nearly five months ago, we have been working diligently to improve both the device and the firmware that make it one of the best rifle scopes on the market today. After extended beta testing, we have finally released our much-anticipated, and largest to date, firmware update, addressing issues with the reticle, zoom, and battery life, as well as including features recommended by many of you. View the full ...list of changes and download link below.



  • During Smooth Zoom the reticle will no longer shift proportionately away from the center. The reticle will begin at whatever position you zero the reticle. When zooming, the reticle will now move towards center of the screen.

  • Photo Capture integrated with Video Capture. Due to popular demand, you may now take photos while recording video. Note: To properly test the usability of this change, stand-alone Photo Capture has been disabled.

  • Reticle now displayed in recorded content.

  • True magnification shown when using Smooth Zoom. User must first select lens type (i.e. 3x for X-Sight HD 3-12x or 5x for X-Sight HD 5-18x).

  • Power through USB now available. Note: Batteries needed to power on device but can be removed once an external USB power is plugged in.

  • ‘Sleep Mode’ added to improve battery life. When not being used or moved, the X-Sight will go to sleep. Any physical movement of the scope or button press will awaken the device.

  • Wi-Fi has been optimized and is now more stable.

  • Various other bug fixes.

  • GPS features, including geotag, velocity and altitude capabilities, have been temporarily disabled until next firmware update.      

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