10 Ways to Get Around Wolverines E-mail Server Going Down

Mar 31, 2014

When I drove to work last Monday morning I had no idea what was in store...well! About 24 hours earlier our e-mail server crashed....This resulted in no incoming or outgoing e-mails for three business days. In the event we are electronically incommunicado again here is a list of alternative ways to reach us.

10) Send smoke signals (we have bilingual staff)

09) Move within driving distance

08) Become our Facebook friend

07) Visit us on CGN

06) Train a carrier pigeon

05) Pay Grumpy Wolverine for staff’s home phone numbers

04) Hitchhike

03) Checkout our YouTube channel

02) Train a second carrier pigeon after the first one got taken out by John and Kobe

01) See how long you can put up with our on hold music before you go crazy

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