Where the Bear Hides

Mar 28, 2014

My blog has been changed to “Inside John’s Den”  so I guess I need to have a “Den”. This has been a bit of a family joke as I had decided to claim the smallest room in the house as my “Den” or as others put it “Some where the grouchy old bear could go and hide”. Well they were not far from the truth. “My Den” is my space, a quiet corner where I can escape with a glass of scotch, a favorite book, my dog at my feet, stare at some of my trophies, lean back and dream of past hunts, Safaris, Zulu weapons and my ever growing collection of Lancaster pistols. How many “Den’s” have a Hippo skull in them, mine does!  Center piece is the custom gun cupboard, nearly 7 feet long by 6 feet tall this was a Christmas present from my buddy Craig. It has taken all my spare time over the last three weeks to get this into it's current shape.

Next week my collection of Lancaster’s and old Webley's will have to be arranged in her, that should make a good next photo!

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