The Webley Fosberry Revolver

Feb 24, 2014
In the early 1900’s this interesting revolver was introduced. The idea was to combine the best features of both the semi automatic handgun and revolver. The Fosberry is loaded the same as the standard Webley break action hinge frame  revolver but to be ready for instant action the hammer has to be cocked and the safety applied as there is no double action. Yes here we have a safety catch on a revolver! When the Fosberry is fired the top half of the gun recoils back on the frame and a fixed stud on the frame ratchets the cylinder round and cocks the hammer for the next shot, this allows for six shots using the light single action trigger pull. These revolvers demonstrated superb pre-war craftsmanship and were renowned for their accuracy. For a short period before World War I the Fosberry revolvers acquitted themselves very well on the target ranges. Some Fosberrys saw service in the War but quickly fell out of favour as they mechanism did not stand up well to the awful conditions of trench warfare, and production ceased. Today they are a rare collector’s item. I wonder where this girl served, did she ever travel overseas or did she stay at home and collect dust in a “Gentlemen’s” gun room ?

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