The "Tommy Gun"

Jan 20, 2014


The original "Tommy Gun" would have been the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, model 1928A1. The majority of these were supplied to the UK from the US during WW II under the US Lend Lease agreement. This would have taken place before the US had officially entered the war. It is impossible for me to tell the whole tale of the Tommy Gun in a short blog but several good books have been written on the subject.

The British MOD had at first dismissed the Thompson SMG as a gangster weapon, but after the fall of France and the Army's withdrawal from Dunkirk attitudes quickly changed. The newly formed Army "Commandos" were tasked with conducting hit and run raids against targets in German occupied Europe, the Thompson SMG proved to be an ideal arm for the job.

This old girl is an example of those early "Tommy Guns". The shipping box is correct, this is how they were shipped to the UK, complete with 20 rd stick mags and 50 rd drum mags. This box is labeled to "Cogswell & Harrison" (A London Gun store) from there she was shipped in India. (Address stenciled on other side of box). After WWII she traveled back to the US and then to a collector in Ontario before coming into my hands.

This "Tommy Gun" is a great favorite of mine, accurate, reliable and hard hitting as she fires the standard .45 ACP rd. She is also heavy, a little long in the stock for me that makes her a little awkward, but as I do not expect to march across Europe carrying her I can overlook these faults.

I often hold her and wonder what tales she could tell us if only she could talk. Did this "Tommy Gun" serve with Commandos on daring raids to Norway, France or ? Did she visit North Africa, Italy or even Crete? Sadly we will never know her secrets.

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