Damaged goods delivered - What should I do??

Dec 23, 2013

Here is a tip for any one who ever receivers a package from a shipper that appears damaged. It is often completely impractical to open the package and check the contents before you sign for it!  For example, and let's be honest here, who wants to open up your damaged package in the Post Office and pull out a Colt "forty five" damaged or not?

Before you sign the delivery slip add a note in the margin with words to the effect: "Package damaged, contents to be confirmed" or "Package damaged, box torn open, need to count contents" or something similar. Be sure to get a copy and ask the delivery person to counter sign, or at least get their name and company ID number. In extreme cases it is your right to refuse to accept the shipment, simply instruct the shipper to return to sender due to damage. As soon as you have signed for a shipment the responsibility for it is yours.

Next take photos of the damage to the package and any damage to the goods, you can't take to many photos. You then need to notify the supplier rather than the shipper. Normally the supplier has to instigate any claim. Do not delay notifying the supplier. Keep all labels and packaging until your claim has been resolved to your satisfaction.

This is the practice that we carry out with all our incoming shipments, it has proved to work well for us and hopefully it will work well for you.


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