Daniel Defense Barrels - The South Does It Again!

Nov 18, 2013

Everyone knows that a quality barrel is essential for optimum performance from any firearm.  Daniel Defense have embraced this concept in spades and have gained an excellent reputation within the firearms industry for manufacture top grade products. Daniel Defense carbines are not manufactured using  third party barrels or ones imported from the cheapest “off shore” supplier. Daniel Defense uses cold hammer forged barrels made in house using a cold hammer forge machine. This machine is very impressive (just like Daniel Defense products), as it stands on its own concrete base (floor) this is four feet thick and insulated from the rest of the floor and building by thick rubber, to prevent it hammering and shaking the building to pieces around it.


A billet of steel is fed into the machine, a mandrill in inserted and multiply hammers strike at a rate of 4,000 per minute. The mandrill forms the chamber and rifling. Different mandrills are used for different calibers and riflings.


A close up of the “jaws”, a new barrel is produced every four minutes, quiet impressive when you do the math and consider what is taking place in that time frame.


A close up of the “Mandrill”.   These are super quality, I don’t think I want to know how much these cost!


Clearly shows how the short fat billet of steel is forced into a long thin barrel by the high speed barrel blows, bottom barrel is after final machining and finishing. No stresses left after this process! Hammer forged barrels have the reputation for superb accuracy and longevity and are the choice of all those in the know.

When you consider that this machine represents a $2.4 million investment, Daniel Defense barrels must represent exceptional value for money.  It also show the commitment Daniel Defense has to producing the finest product that they possibly can.

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