Gen3 or Gen4?

Oct 14, 2013
I would have never have referred to myself as a GLOCK fanatic or even fan for that matter.  I can remember telling a friend once that I would never own a GLOCK pistol! The first GLOCK I handled was a Gen 3 G17 9mm. I found it shot well and would be ideal for teaching new shooters. The problem: It didn’t fit my hand. I’m a petite 5’2” build and I found the grip uncomfortable and too big for my hand.

GLOCK released their Gen 4 line at the SHOT Show in 2010. If I remember correctly we saw the G17 Gen 4 in Canada later that year. As soon as I picked up the new model I was excited. The grip size is slightly smaller compared to the previous design. I knew in that instant I wanted one. All gen 4 models come with 2 spare backstraps, medium and large. With the medium backstrap installed, the grip size is comparable to the third generation pistols.

Fourth generation Glock pistols are fitted with a dual recoil spring assembly to help reduce perceived recoil and increase service life expectancy.

The magazine release catches are enlarged and reversible for left-handed use. It’s not so much extended, as it is expanded. (More surface area). Fourth gen GLOCK magazines have two notches cut on both sides of the magazine body, these “Gen 4” mags are required if you choose to utilize the reversible mag release. Gen 4 pistols all come standard with three magazines.

For me, all these changes were the icing on the cake! And as soon as I heard there would be a 25th Anniversary Edition I knew I had to get my name on that backorder list! I’m not saying not to buy a Gen 3, there are many GLOCK enthusiasts out there that will tell you they prefer their Gen 3’s. Both models are quality firearms. Do your research and decide what model is best for you.

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