So One of The Kids is Leaving Home…Shipping a Firearm

Aug 05, 2013

Okay, so you need to ship your firearm for whatever reason, please consider the following suggestions!!!

1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and safe.  Then, check it again.

2. Do not send ammo with your firearm. It is against Canada Post policy to ship ammo.

3. Find adequate protection such as bubble wrap, foam, old underwear or some of the 200 pillows your wife likely has on your bed, to protect your firearm from damage.

4. Wrap your firearm securely in the protection of your choice and place in a cardboard box. Something that does not have Remington, Panasonic, or anything else that might be desirable on it. Pause to take one last long look before you have to close it up.

5. Add the needed filler to keep your firearm secure from bouncing around in the box. Old newspaper works well, however crushed beer cans do not, trust me.

6.  Seal the box firmly with packing tape, duct tape or some other assorted adhesive material, but once again experience has shown that JB Weld may not be a good choice. Make sure all corners are stuck down.

7. For the last step deliver to the shipping depot. Try not to show how sad you are to the personnel shipping your firearm, remember stiff upper lip and all that.

When you are shipping your firearm you are not required to disclose the contents to the postal worker. Sporting goods is an acceptable answer. I have found to have it marked biohazard is not necessarily a good idea either. You also shouldn’t ship any firearms Express Post. This is a Canada Post regulation.

If you follow these few simples suggestions you will get your firearm to its destination or new home safe and sound.

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