The Classic Webley "WG" Revolver

Feb 01, 2013

Here we have an excellent example of a British .455 Webley  “WG” (Webley Government) revolver, she has a 6 inch barrel and the square “Target” grips rather than the more normal “Birds head” type. Top of barrel is marked Army & Navy C. S. L. which indicates this revolver was sold by them. Back in Queen Victoria`s day the British army was always involved in a little scrap somewhere or other, British Officers were responsible for purchasing their own side arms providing that they accepted the issue service cartridge, the heavy caliber .476/.455 was very popular. The Army & Navy C. S. L. was a cooperative group that specialised in supplying arms and kit to Officers, Hunters and members of the Colonial service who may have been heading off to the darkest corner of the empire, everything from “Hip Baths” and “Parasols” for the Mam-Sahib to heavy caliber double rifles for taking on the mighty Elephant.

This Webley was delivered to A&N CSL in 1899 and sold to Capt Pigeon in 1901. The leather case was a separate purchase, this Webley may well have been a present to Capt. Barrett of the 15th Hussars. Why is the obvious question, did Capt Barrett save the life of his fellow officer in some obscure little skirmish in far away Africa or India?  If only she could talk, I think she would have us enthralled for a long time.

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