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Stock No. Serial No. Class Details Price
 B6 5209 R Webley Semi Auto .455 MKIN V Good $3,750.00
 B7 147314 R Webley Semi Auto 9mm V Good $2,250.00
 B13 6060 R Webley Semi Auto .455 MKIN $3,750.00
 R18 8231 R Smith & Wesson hand Ejector .455 6.5 inch Blued V Good $750.00
 R29 392 R Belgian Flobert Single Shot .22 10.25 inch Good (Regular Price $450.00) SALE $275.00
 B8 86370 P Webley semi Auto 7.65 mm V Good $750.00
 R01 61995 P Savage 1905 .32 ACP Excellent $400.00
 1121 280548 P FN 1900 Semi-Auto Pistol, Calibre 7.65mm with spare mag and tool. Excellent Condition. $295.00
34126 NR Egyptian Contract FN 49 Sniper Rifle.
All complete and original, not a re-work or home built. Correct Meopta scope, rings and base, late-variant O.I.P.-1955 base. Cheek Piece, middle sling fitting and muzzle brake. Metal finish is excellent, some minor bruising to the wood. Calibre 8x57mm, bore is excellent
$12,250.00 OBO
0810 Egyptian Contract Scope.
Meopta 2.5x6P, this has a 2.5 magnification and 6-degree field of view, has original Egyptian serial number. The elevation turret is graduated in Arabic- language numerals, from 0 to 10, indicating 0 to 1,000 meters. Turrets rotate freely. Uses a “picket-post” reticle which although coarse is sharp and the view is clear. Complete with rubber ocular eye piece. Fitted with the correct original “Large-knob” military Echo rings. If required I can include the side mount, but I cannot guarantee this is original.
$3,250.00 OBO
45 Belgian Congo Contract Scope.
Super rare, one of only 185 OIP scopes supplied to Belgian Congo. The scope is the same as used on Belgium and Lux contract sniper rifle except this example is marked C.B. for (Congo Belge) on the top of the objective lens and sliding steel sunshade, serial # 45. The scope has 4x magnification, picket-post reticle which is sharp, and view is clear. Turrets rotate freely with positive clicks. Fitted with the correct original “Large-knob” military Echo rings. If required I can include the side mount, but I cannot guarantee this is original.
$3,750.00 OBO


Over many many years I have built up a large collection of African spears and knobkerries, mainly Zulu. Over time I have constantly sold items and added new ones so what I have now is an outstanding museum quality collection, no tourist trinkets, movie-props or internet forgeries. I have dealt with antique stores, dealers, auction houses and fellow collectors from around the world. I have many unique or rare examples which are not seen today, many pieces have never been offered on the open market. Many pieces also have a provenance which goes with them.

I have spears that start from $140 and go up to several thousand. There are knobkerries that start at $450 and again go into the thousands. There are a handful of axes and a few shields.

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Details Price
The Masai Package
Two well used Lion spears, one 65 and the other 68 inches overall with superb provenance
One Simi 30 inches overall with scabbard
One Runga club 23 inches overall
Regular Price: $2,100.00
SALE $1,785.00
The Swazi Package
One spear 15 inch blade, 54 inches overall.
One shield 27 x 30 inches, 59 inch shield stick decorated with three feather clusters (dadas) with provenance.
One battle axe “ISIZEZE” blade is 13 x 6 inches and 39 inches overall with provenance.
Regular Price: $2,485.00
SALE $2,115.00


All supplied with RCMP Letter of Approval. All deactivated firearms are sold “As Is” and we do not accept returns. Please contact us before purchasing to discuss how the deactivation has been accomplished and we will be pleased to send detailed photos showing any discoloration due to welding etc. Generally speaking the following is what you will receive: With belt fed guns the top cover will open, where box magazines are used they can be removed, but they will be riveted to limit capacity to five rds or we cut off a feed lip so there is no unsightly rivet but then their capacity is zero. Actions will normally be movable but with full autos the sear is cut or removed so actions will not hold to the rear i.e. No “cock and click”. On some SMG and LMG we may be able to allow the stocks to be removed but the guns can no longer be field stripped. Barrels will be pinned and welded into receiver, bolt heads ground away at 45 degrees. We can deactivate customers guns to order please contact us for estimate.

For more information, please email me directly at and make Subject Line "Deactivated Firearms"

Currently Available Price
M2 carbine in original M1A1 paratrooper folding stock, private sale no tax.* $1,950.00
M2 carbine* $1,250.00
MP44 Stumgewehr SOLD
Reising Mod 50 .45 ACP* $950.00
Bren MKI Inglis 1942 - Private Sale, No Tax. "Crack and Click" with removable barrel and mag. SOLD
Sten MKII Removable Loop Stock. Moveable Bolt. SOLD
*These are live working guns and will be deactivated to order only.

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