XMetal Targets 9mm 124gr HiTek Supercoat Ammunition

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XMetal Targets 9mm 124gr HiTek Supercoat Ammunition


Industrial grade manufacturing. The bullet casing is fully resized from the bottom, so the shape is flawless and looks brand new. All our ammunition production is hand inspected and case gauge tested to ensure proper dimensions and flawless chambering in your firearm. The consistency and accuracy of our ammunition is ensured by rigorous testing. It’s also tested and used by IPSC shooters from XMetal Targets shooting squad.


Manufacturer: XMetal

Calibre: 9mm (9x19)

Bullet Weight: 124gr

Bullet Type: HiTek Supercoat

Quantity: 334rd/box or 1000rd/case


Hi-Tek Ammunition completely safe to use in Glock's polygonal rifled barrels.

Hi-Tek Supercoat eliminates metal-on-metal contact in the barrel which reduces friction, increases bullet velocity and creates less heat.

Less barrel heat and friction reduces barrel wear, increasing barrel life.

Hi-Tek Supercoat eliminates fouling of the barrel that regular cast bullets create.

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