Barnaul .223 Rem 62gr HPBT Steel Polycoated Case Box of 20

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Barnaul .223 Rem 62gr HPBT Steel Polycoated Case Box of 20


The Barnaul Cartridge plant in Russia is one of the oldest Russian Small Arms manufacturing factories. Original established in Saint Petersburg in the 19th Century it was relocated to Podolsk in 1918 during the Russian civil war. Production was restarted under the "P" designation in 1920 then again re-designated as factory 17 in 1928. During World War II the factor was then relocated again to it's current location in Barnaul in 1941 where it remains in operation to this day. The Barnaul factor manufactures many popular lines of ammunition.Pick up a box or two of this quality steel cased ammunition.


Manufacturer: Barnaul

Calibre: .223 Rem.

Bullet Weight: 62 Grain

Bullet Type: Hollow Point Boat Tail

Case Type: Steel Polycoated Case

Quantity: 20 Round

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