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COVID-19 UPDATE - JAN. 25, 2020
So what does the Manitoba Lock down mean for Wolverine and you!?

Here is some info on how we will be operating for the next few weeks while the Manitoba Health Authority imposes these restrictions on us:
  • Yes! We are open still!!! ... 9:00am - 5:00pm Showroom Hours.
  • Maximum 3x customers in the store at a time, I would recommend one person come in to the shop to purchase what you need, or get a list from your family and friends and get it all at once!
  • It is mandatory to wear as mask as per the MHA, and we also ask that you squirt a little of that good ol' sanitizer on your hand before coming in, ours doesn't stick to bad I promise...
  • The restriction limiting goods being sold to only those qualifying as "essential" has been lifted, we can sell all our goods to you in store! As always, you can also shop online 24/7 and have your goods shipped to your doorstep!

Other than that, if your sick stay home... that isn't a new rule, that was around long before all of this "COVID" jazz... that and don't cough in peoples faces that's not new either.

So come on in, be happy and healthy, we the people will get through this gang! See you soon.


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Phone: 204-748-2454
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