Special Orders


Can’t find what you are looking for? We cater to customer needs and will endeavor to special order exactly what you require. Please contact our sales team at sales@wolverinesupplies.com for more information.

The products below are a small example of the items we are able to custom order.


Accuracy International manufacture top quality military grade rifles. These can be ordered to fill specific needs, budgets and shooting requirements.

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Armalite are the manufacturer of AR parts, components and rifles. We carry their full line of AR-10, AR-15, AR-30 and AR-24 firearms, parts and accessories.

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In Europe and other parts of the world, the Krieghoff name is mainly associated with fine hunting guns such as drillings and double rifles. Known as a maker of drillings for many decades, Krieghoff's Classic Double Rifle has now made its mark in the big game hunter community. From drillings to rifles and shotguns, Krieghoff products will continue to evolve and improve, as they have for more than a century. Krieghoff will remain the best gun you can shoot, whatever your game.

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Merkel hunting guns are distinguished by their superb quality craftsmanship and technical sophistication. They set the bar high, and it shows in the perfection of the designs and their meticulous attention to detail.

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Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender is an industry leader in optics and have a full range of scopes to fill any need.

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Robinson Armament

Robinson Armament are the manufacturer of the popular non-restricted XCR rifle. They come in a variety of custom finishes from standard black to tiger stripe and will even supply a custom finish of your choice.

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