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Wolverine Supplies understands the special requirements for our LE, DND and Government Agencies.
We pride ourselves in working with you to fulfill your tactical equipment needs.

We invite you to contact us for information about:

Tactical and Long Range Firearms

ArmaLite, Accuracy International, Barrett Manufacturing, Brugger & Thomet,  Daniel Defense, Robinson Armament

Optics, Weapon Sights, Thermal and Night Vision

ATN Night Vision Equipment, FLIR Thermal Systems, EO-Tech HWS, Schmidt & Bender Scopes, Leupold, Meprolight, Vortex


Brugger & Thomet

State-of-the-Art Target Systems

Theissen Training Systems and RTS Target Systems

Tactical Accessories

Accu-Shot , A.R.M.S., Badger Ordnance, Brugger & Thomet, Daniel Defense, FAB Defense, GG&G, Surefire and many others 

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