• Ten Things to Know About Big Game Hunting

    If you are up to pitting your human senses and skills against wild game animals who use the same senses to survive, big game hunting may just be for you. The points below are a basic guide line of where to start.... Read Full Article >

  • Firearm FAQ's

    There are many errors and misunderstandings concerning the classification of different firearms. The following are just a few examples. Lots of people think all fifty cal rifles are prohibited. WRONG!!!! Some are, and some are not. The Mini 14 is still non restricted, folding stocks are legal, so are factory shotguns with 14 inch barrels. An MP5 SMG would have to be either a FA or CA. The factory semi auto version, the HK 94 would be in the 12.5 class. This is very straighforward and easy to understand. However when you look at the FN FAL family you have firearms that could be in either FA, CA or the 12.5 class, and some FN FAL whose correct classification can not be determined. These last ones are accepted at face value in whatever class they are currently registered in.

    Here at Wolverine Supplies we deal in all classes of firearms. We supply both private citizens and Government Agencies, literally from coast to coast.... Read Full Article >

  • Basic Things to Know Before Buying a Scope

    Besides a rifle the most important accessory to any hunter or target shooter is a scope. The Canadian market is flooded with different manufacturers and models; it can be difficult to know what is most suitable for your purpose.... Read Full Article >

  • First Time Using Your New Firearm

    Now that you’ve got that new firearm you’ve been waiting for, you just want to go out and shoot it! First read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the controls and how she operates. New firearms and especially military surplus firearms are often shipped with heavy oil in the barrel... Read Full Article >

  • Basic Gun Cleaning Information

    It is highly recommended that you clean your firearm every time you use it, cleaning can vary from a basic wipe down with an oily rag to a detailed disassembly and full clean. When using Black Powder or corrosive ammo special cleaning must take place, see below. You should clean your firearm thoroughly before long term storage, after hunting and after heavy use.... Read Full Article >

  • The Mighty Eight Bore

    In the mid to late 1800s the 8 Bore (or gauge)  was a pretty common RIFLE caliber for African hunters. The bore or gauge designation refers to the number of round pure lead balls of exact bore diameter that it took to weigh a pound. Most 8 Bore rifles used a paper case and were a true 8 Bore using projectiles of .875 diameter.... Read Full Article >

  • Procedures for Field Stripping and Cleaning your CZ 858

    Maintenance on your CZ 858 may seem complicated but it’s really not as hard as it looks. This article is written to alleviate any confusion when it comes to disassembly and maintenance of the CZ 858.
    ... Read Full Article >

  • B&T 20 Years and the Wolverine Presence

    B&T AG is celebrating 20 years of Swiss quality made firearms and accessories and Wolverine Supplies was invited to celebrate this important milestone. The event was held in Thun, Switzerland in May. It was well attended by all of B&T AG’s distributors around the world. ... Read Full Article >